Meet the Board


Katherine Foxworthy:

“I originally joined Soroptimist because it was a group of professional women. What I found was a Great group of women dedicated to improving our community by improving the lives of women and girls. Great friendships are formed and great things are accomplished when service minded women focus on one goal.”

Vice President

Fiauu (Fia) Ohmann

“As a Soroptimist member, I am proud to be a part of an amazing organization, providing mentorship and financial support through programs, “Dream it Be It” and “Live Your Dreams Award”, for young women and women.  Empowering local, national and international women through varieties of programs.”


Donna Swedberg:

“I love being a Soroptimist!  I enjoy working with the amazing women in our club and I am proud of the work we do.  We make a difference in the lives of women and girls locally.  I am even more proud of the impact a global group of dedicated women can and do make all over the world.  I’ve been a member for nearly 30 years and I plan to continue for a long time to come.”


Mary Kashmar

“When you get a group of smart, energetic, committed women together, you can change the world!  That’s what I love about being a Soroptimist.  We offer a hand UP, not a hand out.  And one woman at a time, one girl at a time — we are doing our part to build a stronger community.”

Assistant Treasurer

Kathy (Bonnie) Foxworthy:

“The Dream It Be It Program allows me to participate in opening up young girls minds to career pathways and successful living.”


Wendy Hurst

“I believe in the mission of Soroptimist. I want the young women we touch through our awards and scholarship programs to be successful strong women. We work hard to fund our Live Your Dream awards and scholarships for the women and girls in our community.”


Bridget Driscoll:

“I love that Soroptimist offers women the “Live Your Dream Awards”. I think everyone deserves a second chance in life and what better way to help a woman than to help her educate herself to better her life and her children’s lives.”


Janet Krupa

“I am inspired by my participation in Soroptimist because it allows me to join with other like-minded women who roll up their sleeves and donated their time for the betterment of all women.”


Linda Clark:

“I joined in March of 1995 and attended my first Conference in May of 1995 after seeing the awardees and hearing their stories and knowing how much the awards from Soroptimist meant to them I was ‘hooked'”


Jo Ann Vear

“What we do as an organization such as scholarships and the dream programs, are what make me proud to be a Soroptimist.  However, without being a member of this organization I would not have Soroptimist friends all over the world.”

Past President

Betty Rather:

“I enjoy working with other Soroptimist members raising money to fund scholarships for graduates of our Pajaro Valley High Schools.”